David B. Holt

"I have found Mike to be above reproach, trustworthy, and very responsive.  I have asked him to evaluate my home and the potential for savings in flood insurance based upon another referral from Nancy Chandler.  I paid him for his time and he ordered an elevation survey.  DKT came out within a few days and we had a certificate in a week. 


Mike determined after designing a FEMA compliant mitigation plan and doing a flood insurance analysis to determine the impact on the flood insurance that I would ultimately save more than $900 a year. 


Mike has guided me along with way and stayed in touch every step and has referred me to a reputable contractor for ideas and estimates. My home is now safer, more marketable and I am saving money.


I trust him fully and you should as well.  If you would like to discuss anything further, please feel free to call me on the below number."

V Paul Farmer

"Early on in knowing Mike I heard several people state that 'Mike Vernon is the go to guy for all flood insurance needs'.  After working with him for a while now I have come to understand that he is indeed the person you want on your side when trying to unravel the FEMA flood maze.  One of the first properties I helped Mike mitigate was a $115,000 win for his client. in which the customer was unable to sell her house because of an extremely high flood insurance premium.  The client had reduced the price of the house by $120,000 over a year and a half because of the flood insurance. After a $5,000 project that I was part of, the premiums were reduced by over 500%. That is the real number. The client put the house back on the market for full market value and sold it two weeks later.

Shelly Napier

"Shout out, recommendation, and just plain thank you to Mike Vernon! My clients are purchasing an oceanfront house at Sandbridge. First flood quote was $14k per year. She got it down to $10k. I got the current sellers insurance company to agree to transfer their policy at $5400. 
Mike (in a day and half) came back with $856. (Eight hundred fifty-six, No typo) for the year! Unbelievable. Made me look like a rock star with my clients! Use Mike!"

Ben Floyd

"Mike has helped me on a few cases for my clients. He always takes time to answer my questions. Top notch guy with fast response times. Highly recommended flood expert!"

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Aline Sevigny

"Even if we ended up not buying the house and not using Mike’s services so far, he was very happy to walk me through over the phone everything I had to know and why certain things are as they are! 
Would recommend him anytime over anybody else!!"

El Jorgiux

Very good service with great quality. I recommend them!

Tiffany Dudley McDonough

"Mike Vernon has been an invaluable asset to our team. His knowledge of flood insurance and flood mitigation is astounding. He has already helped 3 of our clients reduce their rates significantly in the past month. One was reduced from nearly $5,000 per year to less than $500 per year! He is responsive, follows through, and very professional. We trust him talking to our clients and we know that they are in good hands. We look forward to continuing to refer clients to him in order to save them money and to help boost the waterfront real estate market."

Cheryl Hickok

"Extremely informative and grateful for the detailed information to be able to protect my clients. Mike does know all about it."