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Flood Insurance Hampton Roads offers a turnkey approach to flood mitigation solutions for both commercial and residential properties.

It is our mission to reduce the impact of flooding to lives, property and finances. Working with FEMA-approved products, methodologies, and construction techniques, we strive to make each property 100% compliant by today’s standards in order to make the property more resistant to flooding and in turn, more valuable.

Many times flood insurance can become so expensive in relation to the value of the property that it becomes impossible for some owners to keep the property, sell it or qualify for a mortgage. In most cases, mitigation is the solution.

FEMA can justify lower premiums on mitigated property because it lowers their exposure in future storms. We help home and business owners take advantage of those rules by providing flood mitigation to the property.  In some cases, we have reduced insurance premiums by 80 to 90 percent once our mitigation work was completed and the paperwork was properly filed.









FEMA code, in conjunction with state and local building codes, can often be confusing and conflicting.  Even engineering and architectural firms that have dealt with FEMA code for decades still find it confusing and frustrating. If the builders get it wrong, you’re stuck with the problem.

No one understands the intricacies of FEMA code better than Mike Vernon: The Flood Fixer. Mike works with a staff that includes Certified Floodplain Managers (CFM) who are experts in flood mitigation design and consultation. Clients building in flood zones count on our expertise to bridge the gap between the construction process and the onslaught of flood mitigation code from FEMA, state, and localities. Our fees are based on the scope and complexity of the project. If it is a property modification, clients start with a mitigation assessment, which allows for a property visit, and a brief report outlining a time table, scope of work, and a rough estimate of costs rounded to the high side in order to eliminate any financial surprise except maybe on the down side.

If it is new construction in a flood zone, we can review drawings and designs to make sure the property is 100% compliant and therefore resistant to either storm surge or rising water – which makes you eligible for the lowest flood insurance rates. We have saved new home owners many thousands of dollars per year on flood insurance by recommending revisions to their existing plans.

Flood Insurance Hampton Roads is unique in part because of our comprehensive approach to flood mitigation projects. It is essential that if you are thinking of entering into a flood mitigation project that you have an expert in the field overseeing the work.

At the core of our flood mitigation work is an Elevation Certificate. Interpreting this certificate in relation to the scope of work is imperative to achieving 100% compliance. Property located inside flood zones have many rules and regulations unique to the type of zone in which they are located. The technology for “sector VE” is totally different from “sector AE”. If a project is completed by a company unfamiliar with the FEMA and local flood code, it could fail inspection and have to be redone at the owner’s expense.

Our Certified Floodplain Managers and project management teams are experienced in this working environment.

Government and insurance paperwork always seem to be inundating, confusing, redundant and time consuming. Taking care of the paperwork is included in our turnkey approach, and has become a routine process that we are very good at, and one our customers appreciate.

We compile documents as your project is designed, planned and implemented so as soon as it is completed we can process the necessary certifications, certificates, pictures, product specifications and applications. This allows you to immediately take advantage of any flood insurance savings, and have peace of mind.

Your documents will all be completed and filed with the appropriate bodies. A Comprehensive Home Report containing all documents will be prepared and delivered to you after the completion of your project.

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