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Mike Vernon is:


MIKE VERNON IS THE FOUNDER AND CEO OF FLOOD INSURANCE HAMPTON ROADSa full-service property and casualty agency with an emphasis on flood mitigation consulting and flood insurance. As a pioneer in the new and always evolving flood mitigation industry, Mike is passionate about helping reduce the negative consequences of flooding and flood insurance on people’s lives. Mike has spent much of the last five years educating the real estate community, civic leagues and service organizations concerning the impact of flood events on real estate, day to day life and the economy.

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"My home is now safer, more marketable and I am saving money.
I trust him fully and you should as well."

--David B. Holt

FLOOD INSURANCE HAMPTON ROADS is the only company in the region that offers a complete turnkey approach to flood mitigation, including strategic relationships with construction firms. The rapidly increasing cost of flood insurance can have a devastating effect on real estate transactions and values. Flood mitigation is the counter measure to diminish that negative effect by bring homes into FEMA compliance.

MIKE VERNON’S EFFORTS have resulted in property owners saving hundreds of thousands of dollars on their flood insurance premiums while making their properties more flood resistant and safer. To date, he has helped over 700 homeowners mitigate their properties. Dubbed “The Flood Fixer” by The Virginian Pilot, Mr. Vernon has presented at the Virginia Coastal Policy Clinic at William and Mary Law School, the Virginia Bar Association’s 127th Conference, and the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, and been featured or quoted in The Virginian Pilot, Bloomberg View, The Washington Post, The New York Times, International Public Radio, and the Voice of America. 

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Mike Vernon and the puddle that never goes away, Norfolk, VA.

Photo courtesy the Virginian Pilot