Flood Insurance Hampton Roads

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The program is brokered on behalf of the government by insurance companies. In a perfect world if someone asked three insurance agents with three different insurance companies for a quote for flood insurance the dollar amount from all three should be the same. Because of the lack of a competitive market for flood insurance most people believe there is nothing they can do to lower their flood insurance costs. Not true.
Flood Insurance Hampton Roads is the only insurance company in Hampton Roads that offers consultation concerning flood mitigation and NFIP compliance. By making structures more flood resistant and current with FEMA code, flood insurance premiums may be reduced by as much as 80 to 90%.

We offer a complete turnkey service for mitigation including:

  • Elevation Certificates
  • Current flood insurance policy evaluation
  • Mitigation project analysis
  • Before and after mitigation flood quotes to determine ROI
  • Flood and storm related product recommendations
  • Flood mitigation trained construction company introduction
  • Project oversight
  • Immediate flood insurance premium relief

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Call today and ask for “The Flood Insurance Guy” Mike Vernon. Mike has helped hundreds of homeowners lower their flood insurance premiums. Mike has presented to or taught continuing education to thousands of real estate agents concerning flood insurance and its impact on real estate transactions. He has presented at the Virginia Coastal Policy Clinic at William and Mary law school, the Virginia Institute of Marine Science and has been featured or quoted in the Washington Post, Bloomberg View, New York Times and the Virginian Pilot. Mike has also appeared on International Public Radio, Voice of America and local stations in Hampton Roads.

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We have helped hundreds of home owners lower their flood insurance premiums!